Professional Bio

“Insert Professional Important Biography Here.”

Richard is a Senior Security Consultant and Ethical Hacker at Digital Elevation who focuses on performing information technology security assessments, audits, and penetration tests for customers. Between assessments you can find Richard researching current vulnerabilities, writing tips for staying safe in this connected world, and providing security awareness training. With a passion for people, Richard uses each engagement to create positive change and promote good security hygiene within organizations and communities.

In all seriousness my day job is with Digital Elevation here in Grand Rapids. I spend my days working directly with clients to review, assess, and advise on their information security practices, programs, and state. When I’m not doing that I am reading, musing, and writing. I’m currently a Senior Security Consultant and Ethical Hacker which is a fancy way of saying I get to do malicious things legally (and in an ethical way).

Prior to joining the Security Practice at Digital Elevation I worked in the enterprise technology space as a senior security consultant with a focus on performing information technology security assessments. Prior to that role I was a consultant with a specific focus on managing projects related to end user computing and digital transformation. I’m familiar with a wide range of enterprise technologies including firewalls, networking and network design, Microsoft (onprem and cloud), Citrix (desktop/applicaton virtualization), VMware (hypervisor and desktop products), Linux (enteprise linux/Ubuntu/servers/workstations), automation (ansible, scripting, packer) and Python (enough to be dangerous). I feel most at home in a linux/UNIX system and I tolerate Windows when I have to. I’m a software and big picture guy - I leave the hardware to someone else.

I think it is important to point out that I am an “outcomes-focused” consultant. When I work with an organization I start with the desired outcomes. There is no sense in discussing tools and process before we don’t even have a clue as to the end goal.

TL;DR: I get paid to break the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Personal Bio

“I’m a person too you know.”

Outside of work I try to avoid doing things too similar to my day job. I enjoy walking my pittie on the daily (weather permitting). I love the taste of a good vodka (on the) rocks, martini (vodka, up with a twist of lemon), or a bourbon (craft especially). Some say I eat too much steak (as if that is a real thing) and there is nothing better than a perfectly roasted prime rib roast.

I try to hike once a week and when I travel I try to make it a point to bring my gear. Backpacking is my go to when I have the free time and I can get away from home without the guilt.

Post-apocalyptic theory is something I spend way too much time considering. I’ve watched just the right amount of television series and movies and will happily debate the best survivalist theories. I’m also a big sci-fi nerd - I’ll binge Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe) annually. Die Hard is a Christmas movie and on Independence Day I have to watch ID4 and Hamilton.

Married. Several fur-babies. Try to enjoy a simple life. Enjoy what you have, do what you love.