I have long been a proponent if the Linux and opensource philosophy. I’ve contributed to the community. I sincerely believe that the opensource model is the democratic ideal of sharing knowledge. Knowledge should be free and easily accessible to all. To that end this year I’ve made a personal decision to use Linux full-time in my personal capacity.

All of us have used Linux and associated technologies in our everyday lives. Every Android phone and Chromebook laptop runs Linux. Web services are built on it. When you think of modern computing systems you naturally think of Microsoft and Apple as being the most prevalent. I, however, believe that Linux and the opensource ecosystem is not only viable but very usable for most people.

I’ve picked up a System76 Lemur Pro laptop for this journey. It runs PopOS which is a derivative of Ubuntu which is a further derivative of Debian. After two full days of use I am very happy with the choice. I both create and consume content and thus far I have not been hampered in my efforts.