Updated: 2022-11-23

This is a collection of my personal security tips that I follow in no given order. Feel free to use them and add to them.

  • Use a passphrase instead of a password.
  • Turn on multifactor authentication. Physical token > One time code > Push “Approve/Deny”.
  • Don’t operate as Administrator/System/root.
  • Turn on automatic updates.
  • Use a decentralized encrypted application for sensitive conversations. Don’t use free services, email, or SMS.
  • Install an adblocker like uBlock Origin and PiHole.
  • Download software direct from the vendor - third party sites may host compromised copies.
  • Encrypt your harddrive.
  • Configure your phone to erase all data if the wrong passcode is entered too many times.
  • Email is plaintext. If you want the contents to be private then you need to encrypt it. This is cumbersome but worth it if you value privacy.
  • Review your privacy settings on social media. Restrict what you share and to whom.
  • Don’t click links from strangers.
  • If someone asks you to switch to a different platform to continue the discussion then it is likely a scam.