Welcome to 2024: I have a new role at a new organization.

TL;DR: I’m doing the same work for the same types of clients, just at a smaller and younger organization.

This has actually been something that I’ve been thinking of doing for over a year now. Starting in 2023 I was actively seeking a new role elsewhere. I love the work that I do. Looking for a new role was something that I didn’t want to do - I felt that I had to - only because my prior employer was not the employer that I had started with. When I started consulting in 2012 I didn’t know much. Over the years the culture of my employer enabled to me to grow in ways that I never thought possible. Moving into my passion things could only look up… until there was simply an abyss around me.

Companies live and die by their culture, or lack of culture. When leaders leave and new ones come in the organization will experience a lot of shock if it is not carefully handled. That is what I faced: As new leaders arrived the culture and organization changed in ways that were no longer a fit with the work that I did. On top of that it became apparent that the work I do was no longer valued by the organization. As an aside - that is OK - business goals and strategies change. I only wish that I could have been more involved so that I could make others value my work products.

As it happened I made a decision in November of 2023 to resign from my role. This was after many actions (that I witnessed and/or heard about) that I will not speak about in the open. It simply became apparent that it was time to make an exit - so I did. My last day at OST/Vervint was January 5, 2024. It just so happened to be my 12th year and one day anniversary at OST/Vervint.

In my time at OST/Vervint I made a lot of friends and connections. The work I did was expansive and well recieved. I sincerely enjoyed my time there and I only wish that the changes being implemented were less impactful to me and my work.

With that said I’ve accepted an offer to work at Digital Elevation as a Senior Security Consultant. My role will be to be the lead consultant on all security-related engagements; maintain our Security Assessment process; research and write; give presentations; attend security conferences; and other job duties as required and needed. Our team is small but we will be growing. Our client base is growing. As we move out of the build phase into the true run phase I can only imagine how big we can build this.

If you work in risk or security at an organization and the idea of an information technology security assessment sounds good to you then reach out. I’d be happy to help. If you are an organization with customers who you believe could benefit from my services then please reach out.